Why Personal Trainers Want Their Clients to Use Wearable Tech

You might be forgiven for thinking that personal trainers are shrinking away from the use of wearable technology. After all, there are a wealth of fitness apps and instructional guides out there on the web – what’s to stop the legions of fitness fanatics dumping their PT and going it alone?

In actual fact, personal trainers across the globe are embracing the use of wearable tech, incorporating it into their daily routines and using it to enhance the service they can offer their clients. Here’s why personal trainers actually want their clients to use wearable tech.

Keeping clients engaged

The new trend of ‘gamification’ is reverberating around many industries, with fitness being one of them. Trainers can now use wearable technology to create and track challenges for their clients, igniting that competitive spirit and creating some excitement around any fitness regime. Fitbit, for example, have a Work Week Hustle option, which pits a PT’s clients against one another to see who can get in as many steps as possible. This kind of approach has been proven to boost the contribution of users, as they compete against one another to come out on top.

More data, better results

The more data a client is collecting on their personal fitness, the more a PT can tailor their services to ensure the very best results. PTs are also better placed than their clients to analyse the data they’ve collected – most gym-goers wouldn’t have a clue how to interpret their High Metabolic Load Data, but personal trainers, with their backgrounds in sport science, can look at these statistics and respond to them accordingly.

No slacking!

Wearable tech can also offer personal trainers the ability to monitor their clients while they’re not actually in the gym. Trainers can see whether their clients are slacking off, whether they’re on top of their fitness goals or whether they need a little more encouragement. PTs can send push notifications to their clients, for the ultimate round-the-clock coaching and training experience. 

Standing out in the crowd

Any PTs introducing wearable tech into their service offering now could just about be classed as an early adopter. These innovations aren’t quite ‘the norm’ yet – they’re mainstream, but still seen as a bit of a luxury. Introducing wearable tech is a great way for a personal trainer to stand out from their competition a little.

Published on 08 Jan 2016

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