The Best Fitness Technology for Daily Use

Technology has transformed the way we experience modern life, and staying fit hasn’t escaped its influence. Largely for the better, fitness technology has handed us smarter, more exciting ways of hitting health goals. There’s a huge amount of choice out there, especially when it comes to diehard gym bunnies. Of course, treadmills, TRXs and bell bars aren’t the extent of what’s out there. Thanks to contemporary technology, fitness can now be integrated as a part of day to day life. From commuting to work, pounding the pavement and beyond, here are some of our favourite technologies for daily use.


Step counters

Did you know that medical professionals recommend taking an average of 10,000 steps a day? The concept spurred from Japan in the early 1960s, when Dr Yoshiro famously claimed that 10,000 steps a day was the key to a healthier, slimmer society. Today, this figure is supported by a myriad of global entities, including the World Health Organisation (WHO), NHS, US Centre for Disease Control, the National Heart Foundation of Australia and more. Make hitting the 10,000 target easy by downloading a mobile app that actively tracks steps, as they’re taken. As you progress you can then view your daily, monthly and even yearly averages.

Workout for charity

What better motivation to work out than racking up cash for a cause? With altruistic apps such as Charity Miles, users can extract money from corporate sponsors every time they run, walk or cycle. Every mile secures a few pence, however on a global scale, the results are remarkable. The best thing is users can browse charities, pick a cause close to their hearts and work up a sweat with meaning.

Peer sharing

Humans have an intrinsic attraction to the social experience, which means that peer sharing fitness tools can work wonders when it comes to motivation. The option to share, collaborate and compete with fellow fitness enthusiasts is a great way to stay inspired. Tools such as weActiv exist to do just this, allowing users to share the best version of themselves. Compatible with any device, users can connect and compare with peers from anywhere, at any time.

Office fitness

Between cars, couches, commutes and corporate office chairs, adults spend a huge portion of their lives sitting down. With an average of eight hours a day spent at the office, lack of movement can become a serious health issue. In fact, sitting in front of a computer day in day out has been linked to a kaleidoscope of health problems, including back and neck issues, as well as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and depression. For office bound workers that want to earn a living without compromising their bodies, office fitness solutions are a dynamic new way to bring a health conscious edge to the daily grind. Adjustable desks have materialised as a hugely popular solution, with Denmark hailed as the first country to make offering employees the choice of sitting or standing mandatory. Under desk stepper machines, ball chairs, vibration plates and other health and fitness oriented accessories have also become popular.

Fitness trackers

Not exactly a new concept, but we think the fitness tracker insurgency deserves a nod of recognition. Sleek, stylish and definitively functional, technologies such as the Apple Watch, Jawbone, Garmin Vivoactive and the Fitbit have introduced the world to a new era of fitness. With elements of gamification, trackers make reaching goals challenging, quantifiable and above all fun.

The body is a temple, and regardless of age, fitness level or abundance of free time, people should respect this. Need a wakeup call? The World Health Organisation recently identified physical inactivity as the fourth biggest killer on the planet, topping obesity. If this isn’t a reason to step up and get active, nothing is! Thankfully, new technologies make staying fit fun, measurable and motivational.

Published on 29 Mar 2016

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