Fitness – It’s You VS You

When it comes to your own personal fitness, there are numerous ways to approach your progression. It’s difficult to resist comparing yourself, your fitness levels, even your body appearance, to that of others around you. It’s human nature, it’s a basic function of society to react to and draw inspiration or even disincentive from your peers.

Overall though, your own personal fitness is about you, about your view of what fitness means. About your goals, your desires and your progress. Ultimately we see fitness as a challenge, in many ways the ultimate challenge, even for the super competitive amongst us, there is no greater rivalry than you vs yourself.

“Striving to be better than you were yesterday, that’s got to be the ultimate definition of personal progress hasn’t it?”

Let’s look at this in very basic terms. You’re striving to become a better runner, perhaps you have an event coming up. There are two very immediately trackable goals. You like to run 5 miles per day and you know your favourite route. Arm yourself with a running focussed fit tracker or smartphone app and track your time across the same route each day. Aiming to improve your average mile time by 1% each day. If your current 1-mile average is 7minutes. A 1% improvement means reducing your average time per mile by 4.2 seconds, or the overall 5 mile run (currently 35minutes) by just 21 seconds. Some fitness trackers will even allow you to input these metrics and help you see whether or not you are on target as you run.

If you improved your average mile time by 1% vs the day before every day for 10 days. You would over the course of those 10 days improve your average mile time by just over 40 seconds and therefore reduce your 5 mile run by a staggering 3minutes 21 seconds.

Day by day gradual improvements even very small, will grow to contribute to your overall development if you stay dedicated to that progression on an ongoing basis.

That’s why we believe fitness tracking is such an influential part of modern day individual fitness. The ability to definitively look and see your improvements, be it bettering your mile run time, keeping your heart rate lower on the rower, lifting more weight, shedding that extra 1% of body fat or completing that extra burpee in a row. Don’t underestimate the power of tracking your health and fitness. Progress isn’t just what you see in the mirror.

Check out our cloud services for storing and tracking your personal fitness data from which ever device you may be using, and keep yourself improving that 1% every time you hit the track, or the pool, or the road, or the gym. weActiv, fitness data, upgraded.

Published on 02 Mar 2016

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