Connect, Visualise & Share Your Fitness Data

Technology, particularly popular types of consumer technology, is often plagued with a single issue that limits its wider usage. Convergence. Whenever a popular new technology emerges, it’s likely to be pursued by a variety of different manufacturers, all interpreting the needs of consumers and therefore the finer details of their functionality, differently.

Often with no intention of open collaboration due to the competitive and fast moving nature of the tech business which can hinge on a single specification in some cases, this usually means that the varied end products that reach the market aren’t able to work in harmony. The result of this disparity is that even within intimate groups of friends, peers or family groups, if different individuals have purchased very similar products, the chances are they won’t be able to work together or even connect.

This is true of wearable technology and specifically the extremely popular wearable fitness technology niche. With such a range of products available, typically in wrist wear form which has accelerated in growth thanks to the trend of smart watches, it’s perhaps not surprising. It’s highly unlikely unless you all meet up to discuss it beforehand, that you and your family or fitness buddies will have the same piece of kit, or pieces of kit by the same manufacturer for that matter.

This creates an issue when it comes to connecting. The fabric of our modern day society works around the basis of connecting with each other, yet simple issues of incompatibility in areas like this prevent that from happening. There are some basic linking solutions out there, for example the public running and cycling GPS-based tracker Strava. But there has been nothing that aims to cross the boundaries and join up multiple devices and streams of data with the ability to manipulate them and even create community data sharing environments. That is, until now.

weActiv is a cloud-based connectivity platform for collecting, storing, manipulating and visualising data from a wide range of fitness technology including the latest range of fitness wearables and apps. weActiv’s connected data housing will allow you to create your own groups and communities within which to connect and share your fit data, regardless of the device you use. From here you can play with your data, sync up the different types of devices and share your results either as publically or as selectively as you wish.

weActiv allows you to connect and share fitness data without limits, your way. Whether your fitness goal is simply friendly competition with friends and family or to seriously track and improve your fitness, you can do that with our platform. With weActiv adding new devices and data streams all the time, it’s set to become the widest reaching and most customisable consumer fitness data solution on the market.

Published on 09 Feb 2016

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