Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts

There’s definitely no shortage of fitness apps out there, which is both a blessing and a curse. While there’s a surfeit of choice in weActiv, it can be hard to track down other apps that deliver measurable results. To help you out, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite fitness apps, all with proven benefits to the user.



Everyone knows that a workout isn’t a workout without a killer playlist. Whatever you’re into, use Spotify to put together motivational playlists that kick you into gear. Make your own, or explore what other people are sweating it out to.


You could hit the road aimlessly. Or, you could track all your routes using one of the world’s favourite fitness apps, MayMyRun. Using the built in GPS of your mobile device, this app actively records a myriad of session details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route travelled. All displayed on an interactive map. 

Hot5 Fitness

Stuck for inspiration? Packed full of high quality workouts from the world’s top trainers, Hot5 Fitness is a wealth of workout information. From abs and cardio to yoga and flexibility, the app is essentially an extensive database of five minute step-by-step videos covering all bases. With no Wi-Fi necessary, it’s perfect for people on the go.


Stay on top of your day to day movements with this pedometer app that monitors your day, by the minute. It generates a daily overview of your movements, from steps, stairs, pedals, jumps and more. Then it calculates calories burned, and sums it all up in an easy to read timeline.


Eating healthy can be confusing to say the least. With all those hidden sugars, fats and salts out there, it’s hard to know whether or not your being kind to your body. With Fooducate, you can tap into a digital nutritionist, in the palm of your hand. Simply scan a barcode or input food information, and receive a holistic overview of nutritional value via an A to D rating system. Plus, it also acts as an intake, calorie and exercise tracker.

My Diet Coach

Using gamification, My Diet Coach turns shedding pounds into an addictive experience that facilitates genuine results. Using customised goals and challenges, the app keeps ‘players’ on track with reminders, motivational messages, tips, meal tracking, calorie counting and more.

Ready to bring a digital edge to your fitness regime? With these apps, working up a sweat is made smart, fun and measurable.

Published on 04 Apr 2016

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