Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts

There’s definitely no shortage of fitness apps out there, which is both a blessing and a curse. While there’s a surfeit of choice in weActiv, it can be hard to track down other apps that deliver measurable results. To help you out, we&...

04 Apr 2016

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The Best Fitness Technology for Daily Use

Technology has transformed the way we experience modern life, and staying fit hasn’t escaped its influence. Largely for the better, fitness technology has handed us smarter, more exciting ways of hitting health goals. There’s a huge am...

29 Mar 2016

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The Most Popular Wearable Fitness Tech Right Now

In 2015 British fitness enthusiasts purchased an estimated 3 million fitness trackers, a 118% increase on the sale...

20 Mar 2016

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Technology Based Fitness Trends for 2016

Both in and out of the gym, technology is changing our approach to fitness. With the rise of the internet and the age of information, fitness junkies have had increasing access to the info they need to improve their approach to improving their fit...

14 Mar 2016

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Fitness – It’s You VS You

When it comes to your own personal fitness, there are numerous ways to approach your progression. It’s difficult to resist comparing yourself, your fitness levels, even your body appearance, to that of others around you. It’s human nat...

02 Mar 2016

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Connect, Visualise & Share Your Fitness Data

Technology, particularly popular types of consumer technology, is often plagued with a single issue that limits its wider usage. Convergence. Whenever a popular new technology emerges, it’s likely to be pursued by a variety of different manu...

09 Feb 2016

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Are We Nearing a Time in Which we Can Live Fitter Through Data?

The science of fitness has come further than ever before with the size of the supplement market alone testament to that. We’re now entering that era with wearable technology. Outside of a few ambitious projects including Google Glass, most o...

01 Feb 2016

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The Future Potential of Wearable Tech

We’re just going to come out and say it: we think wearable tech is here to stay. There’s been immeasurable progress over the last seven years to get us to the point where we can make financial transactions with our watch, or take pictu...

20 Jan 2016

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Tracking Your Body - How Technology Can Make Fitness Smarter

The explosion of wearable tech across a multitude of industries is making our lives easier in almost every way imaginable – especially in fitness. Instead of simply running miles on a treadmill and hoping for the best, fitness wearables have...

15 Jan 2016

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Why Personal Trainers Want Their Clients to Use Wearable Tech

You might be forgiven for thinking that personal trainers are shrinking away from the use of wearable technology. After all, there are a wealth of fitness apps and instructional guides out there on the web – what’s to stop the legions...

08 Jan 2016

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