Connect all your fitness trackers

    Wherever you are, whichever device you have and whatever your fitness goals or groups – weActiv connects you to all your devices in one place, on one platform..

About Us

The weActiv web based service is an innovation in activity monitoring and fitness. Developed in conjunction with the University of Northampton (www.northampton.ac.uk/), this unique service provides users with the ability to now directly connect multiple devices of various makes and models, with all data being contained within one dynamic platform this allows users to compare health and fitness stats.

Through a single account, you can link multiple devices with activity data to the service and review your personal health and fitness statistics over a personal time target. This allows you to connect, share and compare with friends, groups, and everyone around the office.

Improve your performance and activity level by connecting all your devices at any time. Increase activity levels within all your social and working environments.



Inspiring Change


Fitness is more beneficial with the support of friends, by having the ability to compare data with colleagues this offers the opportunity for everyone to cross motivate and increase team moral, after all in a race to fitness everyone wins. Bring out your personal best and compare your stats to find the motivation to work that bit harder and exceed your targets. A little bit of friendly competition is proven to help set and reach targets.


Find the best version of yourself, gather your meaningful data and take the optimal path to fitness. Use weActiv to reach your goals and review your progress, learn what is effective and analyse which elements you can improve.


weActiv provides you with the motivation to get active and stay active. Use all your key stats to improve the effectiveness of your fitness activities, maximising the impact of your routine and improve your overall performance. Improve your activity within the working day and experience the rewards from a healthier working lifestyle.

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