We are Active

    Whether you’re in the gym, at your fitness class, or on the walk to work. Your first mile, your last mile, or the one you ran quicker than your colleague at lunch - you want to see them all. See and share the best version of yourself with weActiv.


    We are Connected

    Wherever you are, whichever device you have and whatever your eventual fitness goal – weActiv not only connects you to all your devices, but also to all your friends and colleagues in one place, on one platform.


    We are Competitors

    Whether the competition is with yourself, your friends or your colleagues, weActiv provides a platform to challenge yourself and even get fit together, team up and create competitions with your teams and colleagues.


    We are Healthy

    Whatever your fitness goals are, wherever you work, your health is important. Connecting your daily activities with the weActiv platform shows you just how healthy you are, and helps you track how healthy you can be.


    We are Happy

    Whenever you get active, you get happier and you live longer. WeActiv helps you to connect with the people around you, to ensure that you all have a happy, healthy lifestyle.


How it works

Find the best version of yourself

To motivate and inspire you to live a more active and healthier lifestyle, weActiv have designed a simple one stop service that fits easily into your everyday life. This empowers you with the tools that you need to achieve your health and fitness goals on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Our tools provide you with the added benefit of connecting and comparing the information from all your devices. This means that you can monitor, analyse and track all your fitness activities and goals, and share and compare with your peers.

Connect Devices

Connect all your devices in one place, on one platform. Even if you have more than one. All with an integrated easy dashboard!

Share with Friends

Get social and stay motivated by sharing with friends, family, colleagues and all your fitness buddies! Now FREE for up to 4 connections.

Compare Data

Review all of your fitness activities in one place and compare data from your full fitness routine, across all your devices, on one platform.

Get Active and Stay Active
Live a better experience with weActiv

Daily exercise of just 15 minutes adds three years to your life. WeActiv aim’s to make your life better and longer by providing you with a service to streamline your fitness activities.

You can use our tools to analyse your health statistics from all your devices and see how they improve against your fitness data. Use the simple tools to quickly and easily compare what matters most to you. Even better, you can share the healthier version of you with your own personal network, all in one place.
Your fitness goals are hard enough, we have designed a service to make achieving your goals better, easier and more enjoyable.

Be healthier, be happier, and strengthen your heart. The service shows you all your health stats in one place.
Your life is complicated enough, keep it simple by using all the tools on one platform to review your goals and statistics.
Your time is precious, use it wisely. Connect all your devices on one platform and have more time to work out.
Your life is in your control. You can use the service to analyse and compare the information that matters most to you.
Stay on track to reach your goals by using the charts and graphs to learn what activities you do best – and where to improve.
Review your progress, learn what is effective, and analyse your performance to enhance.
Improve your fitness activities to maximise the impact of your routine and improve your overall performance.
Connect with your friends, colleagues and sports teams to compare your fitness and get fit together.
Bring on healthy competition to stay motivated, test your fitness limits and revel in the ultimate glory!

Connect today, all in one place, on one platform

Connect Your Device

Connect multiple devices through a single account. weActiv delivers reliable product integrations to provide a great experience for you, offering cross compatibility by connecting fitness trackers from Fitbit, Jawbone and Withings. Providing all your fitness stats in one streamline view.


Fitness products and activity trackers that track your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.


Activity trackers to monitor your activity, sleep and read your vital signs.


The UP tracker with Activity Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Food Logging and Smart Coach.


Our prices


£0 forever

  • Up to 4 devices compared
  • Connect online to compare with your fitness buddies
  • Receive and compare awards of achievements


£10 / month

  • Up to 10 devices compared
  • Connect online to compare with your fitness buddies
  • View all your reports when offline
  • Receive and compare awards of achievements
  • Create your own groups and classes


£99 / month

  • UNLIMITED number of devices compared
  • Connect online to compare with your fitness buddies
  • View all your reports when offline
  • Receive, compare and gift awards of achievements
  • UNLIMITED creation of groups and classes



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